Our Services


"Dov Sinai" Group offers a number of operational services to institutional investors (Insurance companies, Pension Funds, Provident Funds and Investment Houses) through a company created software system (developed over many years) and by its employees who are located at  customers offices.


The Software system called - "DoSi" is a constantly renewable system, and updated in accordance with regulation.
The "Dosi" system is a dedicated application to operate provident funds, developed by Dov Sinai group.
The system incorporates all the administrative management and accounting of the provident funds.
This system serves a variety of provident funds and pension funds.
"Dosi " is a unique tool that allows the users to get as much information relevant to the activities performed in the provident funds as possible. This information can be at the  individual participant level, employers and the total participants accounts. The user can also get information about the individual assets or of the portfolio.


"Dosi" gives solutions to multiple user groups -  saves them the "Headache" that is associated with the need to develop applications.


"DoSi" consists three sub-systems:


1. Plan holder benefits system


2. Investment & Assets System


3. Bookkeeping software


All three Sub-systems installed on PC/server networks. 


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