Group Profile


The "Dov Sinai" Group is comprised of two private companies, in which the equity shares are held fully by Mr. Dov Sinai.
The companies in the group are: Dasash Consulting Services Ltd. and  Panda Consultants Ltd.
Dasash Consulting Services Ltd.
The company provides services to institutional bodies - Insurance companies, Investment Houses and Specialized companies (for private sector participants) which manage provident funds and pensions funds.
The company provides its services through it's flagship software system "Dosi", developed over many years. The product is operated by Dasasash personel working at the customer site. Services provided by the company include: full or partial operation of calculating the participants rights, revaluation of assets, bookkeeping, loans system, agents reward, etc.
The company's policy is to fit the service to the costumer.
Panda Consultants Ltd.
The company deals with large scale Data cleansing (Databases, multiple format files and input streams etc).
Data cleansing, also referred to as data scrubbing, is the process used to locate and repair (remove or correct) bad or inaccurate records from the database. Data cleansing includes several sub-processes that include the existence of: inaccurate data, incomplete data, and/or irrelevant data. The data cleansing processes then modifies the data by deleting or removing the corrupt data.
The work integrates data created by software generated computer algorithms with manual data manipulation and correction.
Data cleansing is necessary due to regulatory requirements/changes and when companies perform data conversions between various systems.
"Dov Sinai" Group
The group is managed by Mr. Dov Sinai and is comprised of four main divisions: Operational services,Software development,  IT and Business development and marketing. The Group employs over 100 People, including economists, accountants, systems analysts, programmers, software support personnel, accountants and others, all professional quality and highest level.
"Dov Sinai" Group - The leading team
Mr. Dov Sinai
From 1977 until today Mr. Dov Sinai has been fullly focused on and commited to giving services to provident funds and pension funds. Over the years, Mr. Sinai owned and managed multiple business relating to provident funds, investment management, accounting, participants and computing. Mr. Sinai offers competitive fees and no compromise in the high standard of professional service.
Mr. Asher Doron
Mr. Asher Doron is the CEO of the group. Mr. Doron has a wealth of experience in provident funds. In the past Mr Doron has held positions in various fields of management, including: Deputy Commissioner of Capital Market Insurance and Savings at the Ministry of Finance, Director General of "Mivtachim" provident funds and CEO of "Altshuler Shaham" provident funds. Mr. Doron holds a BA in Economics and Statistics and a Master's Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Mrs. Svetlana Weinshlbaum
Ms. Svetlana Weinshlbaum is director of the Software Department. Ms. Weinshlbaum manages a team of 13 people, including software engineers, programmers, developers, systems analysts and software testers. Ms. Weinshlbaum graduated with excellence a BA in Economics and Statistics. She has been an employee of the company since 2001.
Mrs. Eti Dadash
Ms. Eti Dadash is an Operations Manager and she is responsible for providing, along with her team, services to our 4 largest customers. She is also responsible for data cleansing services.
Ms. Dadash manages a team of 100 employees: Economists, Accountants and Clerks. Ms. Dadash has been an employee of the group since 1999 and holds a diploma in Bookkeeper.
Mrs. Ayelet Katie
Ms. Ayelet Katie is an Operations Manager and she is responsible for providing, along with her team, services to 6 of our customers.
Ms. Katie manages a staff of 10 workers. She holds a diploma in Bookkeeper.
She has been an employee of the company since 1997.
Ms. Anat Taub
Ms. Anat Taub, CPA (MBA), is director of the Assets Revaluation Department of the provident funds operated by Mizrahi Bank.
The Mizrahi Bank provides operating services to nine management companies for approximately 100 funds - managing assets worth about 75 billion NIS. Ms. Taub manages a team of 8 employees and provides accounting and bookkeeping services.

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